* Start here *

Roti Wrap

1 entree with base, sauce & toppings wrapped in our homemade Roti


1 entree with base, sauce & toppings


2 entrees with base, sauce & toppings


* Choose a base *

Basmati rice

Turmeric Quinoa

Mixed Green

Yogi Mix

Cumin flavored Garbanzo, Black eyed peas, kidney bean , corn.


* Choose an entree *




Vegetable medley

Garbanzo beans

Paneer cauliflower rounds


* Sauce it up! *

Tikka Masala

All time favorite !

A creamy tomato based sauce with a hint of hand crushed dried fenugreek leaves.


Bombaylicious !

A mildly flavorful creamy sauce with hints of Cardamon & Cinnamon.


Not for the faint hearted !!

A Portuguese influenced fiery spicy & tangy Goan sauce.


Get your greens!!

A well balanced puree of earthy spinach, fenugreek leaves, fresh cloves of garlic & cream.

Yellow Lentils

Mellow..yellow !!

Yellow lentils tempered with cumin seeds, fresh onion & tomato.


To die for!

Medium sauce w/ ginger , garlic & tomato.


* Naash-ta *

Small bites w/sauce or chutney



flatbread made to order in our clay oven

Garlic Naan


sprinkled with fine diced garlic, fresh cilantro

Cheese Naan


housemade paneer and mozzarella cheese

Veg Samosa


Savory pastries filled with flavored peas & potatoes

Chicken Samosa


Savory pastries filled with diced chicken

Potato Vada


Potato dumplings wrapped in a lentil batter & fried

Naan + Trio Sauces

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* Drinks *

Mango lassi

Mango and yogurt smoothie

SB Chai

Darjeeling tea leaves simmered with milk, sugar and seasonings

Bottled Drinks

Fountain drinks

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* Sides *

Side chutney

Extra Entree w/ sauce

w/ purchase of bowl, plate or roti wrap

Side sauce

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* Mee-tha *

sweet bites

Gulab jamun

Chocolate samosa


“ India nicely wrapped in taste, ease and value”

Saucy Bombay spices up Denver’s Indian

By Douglas Brown The Denver Post

POSTED: 09/29/2010 01:00:00 AM MDT “An Indian place just moved into one of the 16th Street Mall’s major food courts. Downtown vegetarians and lovers of Indian food, rejoice. Saucy Bombay isn’t just another little sit-down place with a lunch buffet and candied fennel in a shallow copper dish by the cash register. It’s Indian fast food — cafeteria-style — and a great idea.

Here’s how it works. Pick a protein — steak, lamb, chicken, mixed vegetables, spiced garbanzo beans (the mixed vegetables and garbanzo beans are splendid, hence my shout-out to vegetarians, who so often are stuck with bland, cheese-heavy options). Then choose a sauce for the protein.

The place offers spicy tikka masala, creamy spinach, a mild and rich korma, and a sauce made from yellow lentils. All of them are powerfully flavored and unique; I was partial to the tikka masala and the korma. All of this is ladled over lightly spiced basmati rice. Another option: Instead of having it served in a plate over rice, order it tucked into a wrap.

Another way to go?A grilled Indian wrap.

They have excellent samosas and a tasty fried-potato appetizer, too. Get a mango lassi — a sweet drink made from mango juice, yogurt and more — or some chai, and be on your way for less than $10. Most of the entrees are $5.99.

Saucy Bombay is simple, and so smart. I hope more of them pop up around the city.”